SIP’s Restaurant.

SIP's is a cozy restaurant tucked in the corner of Jalan Jim Queen and Jalan Tanjung Puteri. Most people will go "WHERE??? " Well, it is just across the road ( Jln Tanjung Puteri) from R&F or Princess Cove. A 10 minute walk from JB CIQ.

Photo: SIP's Restaurant Johor Bahru

SIP's Restaurant . On the left is the Bridge to Singapore.

I have visited this place at least seven time, but this is my first time blogging about the experience. The restaurant is spacious as it does not have many seats, you won't feel cramp or drowned  by noise. Thanks to the moltley mix of table and chairs, it gives the place a homely feel . There are ample tables outside for those who are into  Al fresco dining and/or into smoking. You have a nice view of The Straits of Johor Princess Cove under construction. Hmm, well I guess If you bought a unit at Princess Cove, you can have a nice cozy dinner while watching your property being constructed. (Mental note: Must mention to Sunny about this unique selling point).

Photo The Entrance of SIPs

The Entrance of SIPs

Photo This place is a bit dark. I guess it adds to the ambience

This place is a bit dark. I guess it adds to the ambience

photo The path leading to the kitchen

The path leading to the kitchen

Their signature dish is the XXXL pizza. It is a thin crust pizzas to die for. It is arguably  Malaysia largest pizza. It is 1/2 meter in diameter (I measured it ...twice). The pizzas are made to order. You need to give 1/2 hrs notice. I advice you to dine in. It taste better straight out of the oven. Moreover they do not have  boxes big enough for  the XXXL pizzas. I tah bao once, Sunny ( the owner) had to cover my pizzas in aluminium foil (lots of it) and loan me his huge round wooden pizza tray.

XXXXL Pizza- SIPs Signature Dish. Probably the largest in Malaysia

Besides pizza, you should try their main course.  We were there recently and we ordered the 'Hot Roasted Chicke' and 'Our Burger Factory N Fries'

The chicken is lightly marinated with salt and soya sauce. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The tumeric sauce blends well with the mash potatoes. The beef burger is the size of a Burger King whopper. The fresh beef patty, tomatoes and lettuce are cover in a delicious special cheese sauce wrapped in toasted sesame bun. The special cheese sauce ( staff didn't want to reveal ingredients) tastes like a thicker version of cheesy nachos dip.

There is a live band playing pop music every Saturday from 8pm.

Do expect more post about this place. I shall upload the restaurant's menu in future.

Location: No.15P, Jalan Bukit Meldrum ( 10  walk from JB Customs and Immigration)

Hours: 12 noon to 11 pm  (Mon to Sun).

Photo: Our Burger Factory N Fries' (Beef) - SIPS Restaurant Johor Bahru

'Our Burger Factory N Fries' (Beef)'

photo:Special Cheese Sauce Oozing out of the Burger- SIPS Restaurant Johor Bahru

Special Cheese Sauce Oozing out of the Burger

Photo: 'Hot Roast Chicken' -SIPS Restaurant Johor Bahru

'Hot Roast Chicken'

Photo: SIPS Restaurant Johor Bahru

The chicken, mash potato turmeric sauce combo was heavenly.


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