Morning Street Market (Pasar Pagi) @ Taman Pelangi

Most Singaporean have been to a Pasar Malam (Night Street Market) , but most have never heard of Pasar Pagi (Morning Street Market). The main difference between a Morning and Night Market is that in the morning, the stalls selling all sort of raw food in addition to the stuff sold  at night. I also realize that Street Markets in Malaysia has much more variety that Singapore.
If you are in JB on a Monday or Thursday morning (7am to 11am) perhaps you like to get off the well trodden tourist path (KSL, City Square, etc) and head to a morning street market and experience life like a local.  The market is only 15 min from the border by vehicle (taxi  RM 10 -JB Sentral tax counter)  or by Causeway Link bus (CT1) from JB Sentral Bus Interchange (building beside JB CIQ). I cannot remember the exact fare as I did the trip almost four year back but It should be less the Rm $2.  Tell the bus/taxi driver that you are heading  to Jalan Sri Pelang, Taman Pelang opposite Hong Leong Bank. The bus stop is just before Hong Leong bank, just walk 5 min in the same direction as the bus and you will see the market diagonally across the traffic. junction.
The first thing you could do when you reach is to get a drink. More precisely, get a young coconut  to quench your thirst. The juice is sweet and the flesh succulent. Then you could try more sinful pleasures like the crunchy Chinese cruller (that's any mo for you tiao) for RM 1 or the fried fish cake Rm 5.

You Tiao (ang mo name :Chinese Cruller) crispy on the outside, not oily and soft inside. Only rm $1.

Started our day with sweet and refreshing coconut water. one for Rm $5

The succulent coconut flesh was soooo good.

Fried Fish Cake. Rm 5. Unlike the Singapore version, theirs is less salty and more crispy.


I was very surprise to find fresh Norwegian Salmon at the market. The fish  were neatly vacuum packed and it looked and felt  very fresh (we poked - with approval).  The seller knew her stuff and  she spent the next 20 minute schooling us about salmon. We didn't buy cause I  already brought some from SG the previous day, but will come back for sure the next time round.  

I spotted raw chicken on sale. On first sight it look liked turmeric powder was smear on the chicken. My better half told me that it is actually corn -fed kampong chicken. I was still skeptical until she confirmed with the seller. As we continue down the street, My nose detected a pungent but familiar smell. To my right were  container filled with various types of preserve vegetables. This is something I have not seen since I was a kid. 

Visiting the Pasar Pagi may not be as exciting as walking along Orchard Road. But it is a good place to buy stuff at bargain price for the home, trying the local food and experiencing something different from what we are accustom to in SG.




Fresh Vacuum Packed Norwegian Salmon. Could'nt believe they have this at a Street Market.

This is corn fed chicken. Apprently you can tell from the yellowish color of the skin.

A variety of preserve vegetables. Inside the urn is Spicy Sichuan Veg.

Pasar Pagi @ Jalan Sri Pelangi

Taman Pelangi

Monday and Thursday

7am to 11am.

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