Chi Mac – Traditional Korean Fried Chicken

photo chi mac -korean restaurant taman pelangi


My better half was craving for Korean. She wanted to try this restaurant  she spotted the week before at Jalan Perang (Taman Pelangi). Me was kind of distracted with work (I work from home sometimes). I gladly oblige as  as it was a short drive and I could get back home quickly.

I must admit that I have limited exposure to Korean food. Tell me Korean and I picture just four things:  bibimbap; bugolgi; rice cake and BBQ.

She pointed out the restaurant when we exited the car. It looked like a karaoke joint from afar with all the bright lights, music and big screen TVs. I had to re-confirm with her if she got the right place.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of a shophouse ( the 1st floor is another Korean restaurant).


photo: Chi Mac looks like a karaoke joint from far.

Chi Mac looks like a karaoke joint from far.

Photo: The narrow entrance leading to Chi Mac on the 2nd Floor.

The narrow entrance leading to Chi Mac on the 2nd Floor.

 The first thing you notice upon entry is the  avant garde deco that is unlike a traditional Korean restaurant (see photos). K- Pop music video is played on the giant TV screen and on every other  TV wall mounted screen. The feel is like being in a karaoke cum cafe. We are not into K-Pop so we chose to sit outdoors were the balcony faces  the quite and tranquil street of Jalan Perang. 
The place is not crowded on Saturday night,  like most other restaurant in Johor Bahru. It does not mean that the food,service or ambience is lacking. It just that people are spread across a wider geographic area and they have plenty of food choice.

Open the menu and the first few pages are not traditional Korean fares but photo after photo of Fried Chicken. Chi Mac specialises in fried chicken. They offer wings, drum stick and boneless fried chicken.  There are eight different flavours of wing/drumstick to choose from and six flavours of boneless chicken. There are  more traditional options from the fifth page of the menu.
We did a quick survey of what others were eating and felt confident that their fried chicken was the thing to try. My better half suggested that we take the Combo Set (Rm59 =sg 19).  The set consist of 12 pieces of of chicken in six flavours. 1 wing & 1 drumstick of each flavour. 
Our order came  within 20 min. The chicken is fresh (not KFC frozen type) and tender. The skin is lightly battered to give it a crispy but not greasy texture.  

My favourite is the gangjang (soya sauce) chicken and my other half preferred the plain fried chicken. Actually all the chicken is prepared the same way, it is only at the last stage where different ingredients are brush onto the skin to give it different flavours.
We only manage to finish 2/3 of it. I underestimate the size of the chicken. Chicken in JB sometimes looks much bigger on the menu. But at Chi Macs, 'what you see is what you get'. This is the best fried chicken I had so far in JB. DELICIOUS. tah pao the rest home even after two hour the chicken was still crispy.


Right in front is the yogurt chicken and cereal chicken

Ganjang Chicken (bottom) and Yang Yum Chicken (right). My favourite.

photo chi mac -korean restaurant taman pelangi

12 pieces (1 drum stick+ 1 wing) in 6 flavors. and tortilla chip in the middle


Chi Mac Traditional Korean Chicken Restuarant

39A Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi

Johor Bahru

12pm to 12am (Mon to Sun)

07 3331700

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