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The Place

GC Good Coffee is located along Jalan Sutera Tanjung, Taman Sutera Utama about 15 minutes drive from Bukit Indah Shoping Centre.  This place is a hive of activities, there are massage parlors; botique hotels; pharmacies; convenience shops; fashion boutiques and even a car repair shop. But the star attraction at this place is the  FOOD. Yes there are rows and rows of cafes and restaurant serving a smorgasbord of food. By the way, if you are concern that you will be bored after a meal, just head to Sutera Mall which is just one car park away.

The Coffee

GC Good Coffee is able to hold it own in the midst of stiff competition. The company has been around for 70 odd years, it started as a coffee powder manufacturer, and later branched into the traditional kopitiam business before transforming into a modern lifestyle cafe. GC has its own unique coffee roasting method that produces coffee with a rich aroma, slightly bitter aftertaste with a trace of sweetness, GC also produces its own Italian espresso roasted beans to create more varieties of coffee beverages.

I was told by a hard-core coffee addict that manufacturers in Malaysia roast their coffee beans twice, on the second roast they add sugar and margarine or palm oil. This gives the coffee a full body, low acidic and slightly bitter after taste.

photo jalan sutera tanjung johor

The food alleys of taman sutera tanjung. Street after street of food.

GC Good Coffee - Taman Sutera Branch.

Mean looking Coffee Machine. They are serious about their coffee.

I ordered Coffee Double milk, basically it is coffee mixed with condense and evaporated milk, I was half expecting the milk to overpower the taste of coffee (i.e. I end up with coffee flavored milk) , to my surprise the richness of the milk complemented the nutty and bitter sweet coffee very well.

The hot honey lemon was a bit too sweet as they were way too generous with honey, but you can always ask for water to dilute the sweetness.


Coffee Double Milk (RM$3.80). I was too eager to taste it.

Hot Honey Lemon (Rm $5.50)- Generous with both lemon and honey

The Bread

GC Good Coffee has been baking bread with their own unique recipe since 1972. Their white bread is sliced thick and it is crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside after toasting. I ordered the GC Hainanese Homemade Kaya + Cold Butter Toast.  The brown kaya is made from brown sugar,  coconut mike and eggs, and served with cold SCS butter. Perfect! Unlike the kaya that is served at a certain kaya toast cafe back in Singapore,  GC kaya is not overloaded with sugar and won't give you a sugar rush and perhaps diabetes. We also tried the Peanut Butter Bun, the bun is soft and chewy, the peanut butter was the type found in any super market. Hmm, lets just say I prefer kaya toast.

The GC Bao Pau was something my better half found interesting and wanted to try. Essentially, it is fried hash brown stuffed into a typical egg and lettuce sandwich. Perfect for vegetarian but not vegans. The contrasting hard and crunchy hash brown combined with soft and chewy bread was a unique experience. it was good that they went light on oil when they fried the hash browns although I suggest that you could ask for less mayonnaise and ketchup if you don't like your sandwich too creamy.

Foreground: GC Hainanese Homemage Kaya + Cold Butter Rm$ 2.10. Background: Peanut Butter Bun Rm $2.60.

GC Bao Pau Rm$ 5.90

GC Bao Pau - take a look inside.

Other Food to Try

I tried the Mee Siam with Otak Otak Maur. The mee siam is fried and not the drown in gravy variant. The bee hoon (rice vermicelli) is fried with garlic, dry prawn and a smatter of shredded vegetables. The sambal is sweet, sour and has a strong peppery taste but not too spicy.   They packs lots of fish and little flour into their otak otak, I can feel the chunks of mackerel as I bite into the otak otak. Their otak otak is made in Muar (a place famous for otak otak) and  may be purchase separately at Rm$ 7.50 per pack.

 Also on offer at GC Goood Coffee are Chinese rice and noodles dishes as well as western baked rice , pasta and pizza, but the most popular items are their coffee and bread.

Mee Siam with Otak Otak Muar (RM$9.50). Look simple but delicious nevertheless.

The Mackerel Otak Otak .Big chunks of fish. Can be purchase separately at Rm$7.50/ packet.

Menu - Not very clear cause it was covered with a creased worn out plastic cover.


Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor



Opening Hours

07:30 - 23:30
Monday to Sunday



How to get there 


Link to sutera mall website. The mall is about 7-10min walk from CG Good Coffee.

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