Johor Bahru’s Skyline on a Friday Evening

photo: Johor Bahru City Centre From Woodlands Park.

Johor Bahru City Centre From Woodlands Park.


Peaceful & Tranquil yet Jammed Packed & Chaotic.

This photo was taken on a Friday evening while I was cycling along Woodlands Waterfront Park.  From where I was, it was very peaceful and tranquil, but just 20 meters away the Causeway was jammed packed with commuters and travelers in chaotic traffic. If you click to enlarge the photo, you will the traffic on the Causeway. This is made worse by the fact that the next day is a non-work day.

JB is Developing Fast

In the background,  you can see the construction of Princess Cove and Sky Habitat Condominium. Five years ago, I had a panoramic view Woodlands from my home on the opposite side. I could receive Singtel network from Johor Bahru. Nowadays, I can only get peeks of Woodlands between the many condominiums and my Singtel phone signals have been completely blocked by the new buildings.

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