Storey Ria – Malay Restaurant

The Restaurant is well known to the locals.

Story Ria is a Halal certified Malay restaurant owned by a local Chinese and his Indonesian Chinese wife. The restaurant is located off the beaten track, tucked in the upper middle class residential district of Taman Kebun Teh (see map below). It  a 15 minute drive from Johor Bahru Checkpoint via the Tebrau Highway. This place is well known to the locals and they have a large pool of regular customers. This restaurant is clean and tidy, and it has a homely feel to it. Oh! did i forget to mention that the food is delicious too.

There is a homely feel to the place.

They have a good spread of Malay food.

Signature Dish – Rendang

Our scrumptious lunch for two was only Rm $30.20 (about Sg $10). One of the dishes we ordered was their famous mutton rendang, we like to switch between mutton  and beef every visit. The meat is marinated with numerous spices that diffuses a fragrant scent and a delicious taste. Unlike the rendang we have in Singapore, theirs is more salty than sweet and the mutton pieces sits in thick rendang gravy, not the dry variant.   The meat is fresh, tender and lean, but has little tendon, I think it is because we came late this time round and all those pieces were already snapped up. The mini weighing scale beside the rendang is use to weigh the prized meat before serving.

Their Signature Dish – Mutton and Beef Rendang

The precious Rendang is weight before serving.

Archar, Otak -Otak and Tempeh are Fabulous

The Achar (nonya spicy pickled vegetable) was sprinkled with lots of sesame seed and turnip for that wonderful aroma and extra crunch.  Their tempeh (fermented soybean) is mixed with asam (tamarind) water and caramelized, to give it a fabulously sweet and slightly sour taste. I recommend that you to try the fish Otak Otak (Rm $2.50/piece), it is very fragrant with lots of lemon grass and ginger, the chopped onion gives it extra crunch and perhaps to remove the fishiness.

Their Tempeh is to die for

Otak Otak -Taste and Smells as Good as it Looks

Don’t Forget their Mee Soto

My better half ordered the Meet Soto, she loves the soup as the chicken broth is not oily. You won’t see a layer of oil floating like an oil spill on the surface. The chicken shreds are tenderso we know it does not come from unsold chicken a few days old.. The richly flavored chicken broth is so addictive, I wanted to gulp down the remaining soupThe lime tea is sour as they are too generous with the lime, you can ask the friendly staff for ice to dilute. We had the the  green bean soup for dessert.  Barley  is added to thicken the green bean soup mixed with sweet potato. This concoction taste much better that the plain green been soup.

Green Bean Soup with Barley and Sweet Potato – SO GOOD!

We are definitely NOT Here for the Nonya Kueh

Dishes are Replenish a Few Time a Day

I would not recommend their nonya kueh as I find  nothing fantastic about their assortment.  You be better off just buying your nonya kueh at  any Bengawan Solo shop in Singapore.

The more popular dishes at Storey Ria are sold out fast and the chefs needs time to prepare and replenish. Come at the right time and you will be able to savor delicious piping hot food just out of the kitchen.

Mee Soto – Little oil and lots of tender chicken meat

Rice, Tempeh and Archar. Mutton Rendang served separately

Address: 82, Jalan Kemunting, Taman Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru.

Tel: 07 333 0932/07 334 8494

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm (Monday to Saturday)



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