About Me

I toyed with the idea of shifting to JB  a decade before the move.

My decision to uproot to Johor Bahru was deliberated and carefully planned. The idea was implanted in my head almost a decade earlier during a chance encounter with a  Singaporean taxi driver who lived in Johor Bahru. During the long taxi ride, he tried to convince me that JB is a more practical place to live taking into consideration my circumstances, and I will enjoy a better quality of life. Though I was skeptical at first, I told myself that I should at least keep an open mind.

Why I love Johor Bahru?

Fast forward 15 years and I now call JB home, I am still back in Singapore for work but I return to JB at night to rest and relax. I like the wide open space , the quiet and green natural surrounding ,  the close proximity to the water front from my home and  the highly favorable exchange rate ( bet you were just waiting for me to state the last point!)

Photo: Singapore Johor Causeway in 1923.

Causeway in 1923. No traffic, no Immigration checks... PERFECT

Do I worry about crime in Johor Bahru?   Well, I am more cautious in JB then when i am back in SG but I am not particularly worried as I have lived in other SE-Asia countries before and major crimes such as murder, armed robbery and kidnapping  are relatively low in Johor Bahru by comparison. However minor crime such as snatch theft and car break-ins are not uncommon. A friend of mine had her car's rear door window smashed and items stolen while we were having supper. We were totally oblivious to the break-in that was occuring 50 meters away.
 I don't think it is fair to compare JB  with Singapore. SG is an abnormality that makes living  even in the  Vatican City feel unsafe.
Am I affected by the traffic jam ?  Well the jam is getting from bad to worse. The SG$1=RM$3 rate sends an army of Malaysians workers to invades Singapore on weekdays and an army of Singaporeans shoppers to invade Johor Bahru on weekends. Thankfully I am not affected as much as I normally travel during non-peak hours. I an self-employed and I can alter my schedule. I use the bus or train to cross the Causeway. It is  not only  faster, I  also get to sleep or do other stuff  during the journey.