Crime Prevention Tips for Tourist

During the 1990's, a Singapore politician declared that Johor is a notorious place for shootings, muggings and carjackings. I did not live in Johor Bahru during that period but the present day Johor is  not as bad as he branded it to be. The crime rate generally higher then Singapore, but then again, this also holds true for many other cities around the World.

To alleviate the fears of my fellow country men and women, especially those who are about to make their maiden trip. I have compiled a list of Do's and Don't when you are here.

Walk in the opposite direction  from oncoming traffic. Besides being able to see oncoming vehicles, you will also be able better spot snatch thieves (normally  two males on a motorcyclist) coming towards you.Ladies, carry a small purse. Do not carry handbag with sling that are easy to snatch or cut. Purse should be held close to your body . Preferably tucked it under the arm.  If you need to carry a handbag for whatever reason. Put your handbag inside a shopping bag or a backpack. Alternatively you should carry your handbag close to you but don't wrap the strap around your arm or shoulder and do not try to hold on to your bag if it is snatch. People have been injured or killed by being pulled to the ground by their bag straps.

Carry a backpack as it is harder to steal than a hand held bag, furthermore your hands are free to support you when you are in a bus or a train.  Double sling it across your shoulder. I know of someone who had a backpack snatch because she single sling. Always carry your bag in front of you. Do not place your bags on the empty seat beside when seated, put it on you lap.

Lighten your wallet/purse bring along only the essentials. Place it in plastic holder and keep it in a money pouch if you have one otherwise put it in your front pocket. You don't even need to bring your IC as you have your passport for identification. Split your cash and keep them in two or three places on you.

Don't draw unnecessary attention. Talking at the top of your voice  in a mixture of English and your mother toungue, constantly complaining/comparing and chriping like a bird ("Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!") is a sure sign that you are Singaporean.Change your currency in Singapore instead of JB. Money changers in JB are located areas with many prying eyes, the exchange rate is about the same on both sides. If you do have to change in JB, choose a shop that is away from heavy human traffic. Don't count your cash in the open, you should ask the money changer to recount while you observe through the window.

Never leave anything of value visible in your car. Place it in the compartment or the back boot. When entering or exiting from your car. Take a couple of seconds to observe your surrounding for any suspicious characters before unlocking the door.

If your vehicle is hit from behind  and you suspect that it may be an attempted carjack/robbery, don't come down to check the damage , take down the car registration number and drive to the nearest police station.

I shall update and add more tips this list in the near future Be safe and have a fun and memorable visit to Johor Bahru

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